Device Fabrication Process for Nanotechnology

Spring, odd-numbered year, DGIST

Course Syllabus


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Tue. 1A-3B
Prof. Jae-Eun Jang
By appointment
E-511, tel +82-53-785-6312



The purpose of this course is to provide students with technical background on device fabrication process technology for Nanodevices.  It covers all issues involved in manufacturing micro and nano electronic devices , including thin film process, lithography, and etching process as well as unit cell design rule. Students are introduced to both the theory and the practice of all basic manufacturing concepts.



Week 1 : Overview of Micro/Nano fabrication Process

Week 2 : Basic structure of transistor

Week 3 : Lithography Process

Week 4 : Oxidation Process

Week 5 : Diffusion Process

Week 6 : Wet etching

Week 7 : Dry etching

Week 8 : Mid term exam

Week 9 : Thin film deposition Ⅰ

Week 10 : Thin film deposition Ⅱ

Week 11 : Chemical vapor deposition

Week 12 : Ion implantation

Week 13 : Design rule of unit cell

Week 14 : Measurement of Electrical Properties

Week 15 : MOS process Integration

Week 16 : Final exam